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The wave of change has hit

The following is my opinion.  None of it is based upon anyone else's voice.  I am simply saying what I think.  I might be wrong.  I might be full of shit.  But it remains my opinion.

Let us view the changed world of Donald Trump, Post Obama America, and the future.  America is not the world, this isn't about the "popularity" of American popular culture.  But the election of a different kind presidential candidate has caused enormous upheaval.  Some rally to build a wall to keep illegal immigration from the border, others protest rally against "Hitler". 

My straight out opinion is that Trump is a response to President Obama's previous years of change.  I do not say Trump is better, it isn't a positive or negative statement.  I am not suggesting Obama was wrong.  Obama's years in the presidency are unapproachable as far as comparisons of leadership.  Obama went about his presidency different than Bush had, or frankly, Clinton had.  And…

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