Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Death is a penalty?

We hold onto life as if it is precious. I have no idea if it is or not.  But I do know that my family is precious to me. I know that my friends and cats are precious to me.  But the rest of the world, I cannot decide for them and I cannot judge or decide about them.   There is a proverb saying Where there is life there is hope.  Hope does NOT spring from life.  It does not.  It springs from truth measured with seeing the potential for achievement of the goal.

"For certain is death for the born
And certain is birth for the dead;
Therefore over the inevitable
Thou shouldst not grieve."

Bhagavad Gita

"equa lege Necessitas
Sortitur insignes et imos;
Omne capax movet urna nomen."


"Melius est bene mori, quam male vivere qui mortem metuit, amittit gaudia vitae; super omnia vincit veritas, vincit, qui occiditur, quia nulla ei nocet adversitas, si nulla ei dominatur iniquitas." 
Jan Hus

Strange—is it not?—that of the myriads who
Before us passed the door of Darkness through,
Not one returns to tell us of the road
Which to discover we must travel too.

Omar Khayyam

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