Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sheep to the slaughter

We create the world in which we live.  Not the planet itself, the universe it hangs in, nor the stars, but the society and ideas for which we accept and translate by action.  Why then do we blame anyone but ourselves for the grievous injuries we suffer?  When madmen kill hundreds, who is to blame, but the world which allowed them to rise.  When one with a gun, or bombs, or terrorist ideals kills dozens or thousands of humans, why are we confused? 

Our world is not one of forgiveness, nor is it one of hope or of a healthy heart, it is one of acquisition and consumption.  Our world is one of hatred of others, and fear.  We do not exist to create a better world, we exist to enjoy ourselves, and only after being satisfied do we consider the cost of what we have done.

I do not believe that the killing in Orlando was done by a single person.  It was done by a mindset that could only be understood as hatred enabled by a free society.  In a society that is free, such as the United States, the society depends upon citizens utilizing their rights and freedoms and using them positively.  But when disturbed people have an agenda to kill others, they find the United States a vast supply depot for their war.  Easy to acquire tools of assault, low levels of public control by the state, and the presumption of innocence by the state as according to our rights, an unknown assailant finds the United States to be the easiest of places to operate.

So, with the government wanting to steal back the rights of the honorable and innocent, alongside of the guilty, what can be done?   Can anything be done?  Only when the honorable and innocent realize that their rights are less important than lives being slaughtered will things change.

wir sind wie Schafe zur Schlacht
wir sind wie Schafe zur Schlacht
wir sind wie Schafe zur Schlacht  

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